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Should You Bank Your Own Blood Before Major Surgery? - Yahoo ...
Apr 18, 2008 . Banking your own blood involves donating blood to hold in reserve in the event you should need a transfusion. Is this procedure worth the time .

Fight ageing with your own blood - Times Of India
Apr 21, 2012 . For ages, blood sucking has been the preserve of vampires, but medical science has now put 'dracula therapy' to good use - to fight ageing.

Blood Transfusions: Should I Bank Blood Before Surgery?
Jan 3, 2012 . Do not bank your own blood before surgery. . you wouldn't have needed a transfusion at all if you had not banked blood before your surgery.

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Tips for an easier surgery - Kaiser Permanente
Consider banking your own blood. Most surgery patients do not need a blood transfusion. If you might need a transfusion during your surgery, you may be able .!ut/p/c4/FcpBCoAgEADAF8mmqWU3Q_1C2U1ERCgLs6DfV8x1YIFPdneKrqY9uxVmsD7kGspwXiWG8sD0H1dq8msAy5kgWNEeyc4YhLFu0EhxiwRlzChJCNcajm2TL7gPeKA!/