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Air Traffic Control and 4 Other Hot Careers That Don't Require a ...
Nov 4, 2009 . This article explores some of the best paying jobs that don't require a . skills test, undergoing drug screening, passing a medical exam and obtaining . The entry- level salary isn't extremely high - the BLS indicates that patrol .

Georgia Drug Testing Policy Not Catching Jobless Druggies So Far
Jun 6, 2012 . 7 Things You Don't Want To Share On Facebook (But Probably Are) 69 . Failing a drug test can be interpreted as being unavailable for work, since . the unemployed are twice as likely as people with jobs to use drugs, but the . in NC they are considering outlawing sea level rise due to global warming!

Do companies really need to drug test for marijuana? | The NORML ...
Jan 25, 2010. chronic bronchitis. Both however, will interfere with job performance. . They do not want to be drug tested for their own good reason ( google it! Check it out!) . I come from an area where there is almost no entry-level work.

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Virginia Legislature Latest To Advance Drug Testing The Poor And ...
Jan 25, 2012 . More than 30 states in the past year have considered legislation to require drug tests for welfare recipients, and several have also targeted .