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Classic American Cars of the 1930s Photo Gallery by Richard ...
. Fire Engines, etc. | Maryhill Loops Hillclimb 2007 | Maryhill Loops Hillclimb 2008 | Automobilia | Luxury Cars of the 1930s | Petersen Automotive Museum .

Crossley Cars in the 1930s
At the start of the 1930s the car range consisted of the large 20.9 originally introduced in 1925 as the 18/50, and the 2 litre 15.7 from 1928 with its Sports two litre .

The Development of 1930s Cars
The luxury 1930s cars saw the implementation of new manufacturing methods, new inventions (e.g., the automatic transmission), new engines (e.g., the V-8, the .

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Stutz Cars in the 1930s: Poor Luxury Cars Sales, Stutz Moves to - Auto
Stutz quickly outgrew the luxury car market as the Depression lessened America\' s buying power. Learn about Stutz\'s shift away from automaking.