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Luxury Cars That Get 32 MPG Or Better - Forbes
Jul 6, 2012 . Three out of the top 10 highest mileage luxury cars are conventionally powered, including the Audi A6 and the BMW 328i and 528i models, .

40 - 50 MPG Cars | Best Gas Mileage Cars Over 40 MPG, New 2013 ...
Research the best gas mileage cars with over 40 MPG at Find 40 - 50 MPG cars and fuel efficient 2013 2012 new cars with high MPG in our .

Luxury Cars with the Best Gas Mileage | U.S. News Best Cars
May 27, 2008 . Think great fuel economy only comes with hybrids like the Toyota Prius or tiny sub-compacts such as the Honda Fit? Think again. Several .

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Fuel Economy of New Luxury Sedans
New Luxury Sedans . Compare up to 4 vehicles, EPA Fuel Economy . MPG. compare checkbox, Vehicle Name sort, City sort, Comb sort, Hwy sort . 2012 - 2013; Class: Luxury Sedans,Upscale Sedans; Top 25 of 275 vehicles displayed .,Upscale+Sedans&srchtyp=newMarket