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Investing in Foreign Stocks - Should You Own Foreign Stocks
Foreign stocks represent an investing opportunity outside the U.S. economy, but you can buy them on our . Is there a place in your portfolio for foreign stocks?

DISCOVERING VALUE: Foreign Stocks On Sale - Kiplinger
Speakers at the Value Investing Congress that Whitney hosted in Pasadena, Cal. , in early May offered a number of foreign-stock ideas. One interesting pick from .

Investing part of your stock portfolio in foreign equities - Aug. 25, 2009
Aug 25, 2009 . NEW YORK (Money) -- Question: I've always heard you should keep a portion of your stock portfolio in foreign equities. But it seems to me that .

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dollar value of the position in foreign currency per dollar invested long in for- . Optimal Hedging of Stock Portfolios Against Foreign Exchange Risk. 99 .